Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thailand. 3/27

Andi here.  I wanted to share an update I just got from Lisa all the way from Thailand.  Enjoy!

So here I am in Northern Thailand, within walking distance of the Burmese border.  It is lovely - hot and incredibly humid. 
It is funny.  I got so caught up in the amazing experience of flying across the Pacific completely flat out in a bed of all things.  I have only lain completely flat on a plane once before - it is a wildly different sensation.    Even in the most calm moment, one feels the motion distinctly.  And then there is the sensation of being one of the privileged few.  Really, how odd to share space on a plane with only six other passengers. It is not at all social.  We each had our own pod, room really. I only saw brief glimpses of two others and that was it - not a word spoken for the entire 16 hours except to my own attendant.  And yes, I have to admit to loving it, quite a bit actually…  But that was several days ago..
44 hours of straight travel. 40 by air and sitting in airports, and then a 4-hour bus ride, me in the back tucked in with the bags.  I share a room and a bath, and meals are communal.  There is no more wi-fi, no cell service, no soft towels of the first class lounge - no…
The young Thai women involved in the project are some of the most lovely in spirit I have ever met.  Culturally they are deeply respectful and affectionate.  I am held tightly in thanks for each small thing I do - and they skip up to me and laughingly grab my hand to hold.  These are not children. They are in their early to mid twenties.  If I try to cross a street, invariably one of them will put an arm in front of me, protecting me from any harm that may come my way.  I am actually stunned by the sweetness of it all.
I can’t speak much of the mission yet - I am still confused.  We were meant to be working on housing to the south of us. Instead, when the military decided against the build, the team headed north to a remote village in the golden triangle of Thailand, Burma and Myanmar.  Here we are working on a school. We have painted three classrooms in and out.  I am working with a team of kids from an international school in Malaysia who have volunteered to do service work while on spring break.  Each one has an artist inside - they may not know it yet, but by the time I am done with them I hope to bring them back to the innocence of a childhood when each of us believed emphatically in our own artistic ability.
And the rumbling bus is starting up—my ride back into the hills…

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a color profile: Splash

We've decided to do a series of color profiles here on the blog...  something that will highlight some of our most popular colors to explain how we came up with them, what we love about them and what you can achieve with them.  Lisa created the line by hand-mixing many, many colors and parring down from there.  Having been in the industry, both as a decorative painter and interior designer, she had an idea of where she wanted to go with them, but it took a lot of creativity and editing to come up with what you see today.
Each color is a labor of love.

Up today: Splash
It's a turquoise that is daring, energetic, dynamic and rich.  

How was it created? 
Splash can be found in the Quiet Nursery Collection, in the palette Pop: a gathering of similarly bold colors.  It has become one of our most popular colors, but ironically it didn't exist in the original collection.  Lisa hand-mixed this color well before we even started our little paint line for the stool in her living room.  From the beginning we wanted this color to be in our collections somewhere, but we anticipated it would belong in the Home Collection.  As things progressed however, and we launched our nursery collection we found ourselves always reaching for a turquoise...  so, we moved some things around and added the color to the Pop Collection as Splash. 
splash's debut

How did we come up with the name?
The Nursery Collection colors were fun to name from the beginning.  We had a clear vision of the palettes: sleep, wake, play and pop and wanted to name each color something simple and reminiscent of the color, something a child could correlate.  We wanted all the names to be one syllable and while there a few exceptions, we remained true to this formula for the most part.  Splash came to be, because we wanted all the names in the Pop palette to be action words.  Since the palette is so filled with energy, it made sense to use words that carried the same weight.  After some brainstorming (wave, skip, etc), we settled on Splash. 

What do we love about it?
What's not to love?  I love how versatile this color is and how it plays well with others.  Orange, Purple, Green...  Yellow, Blue, Gray....  you name it and this color will work.  It's perfect for painting cribs, dressers, changing tables.  But it also works great on the walls.  My other favorite thing?  When you open the paint can and flip over the lid - it's such a saturated, beautiful color that it literally begs you to start painting. 
this is a demo crib displayed in Lisa's studio.  Splash transformed this plain white crib into something truly special. 

And finally:  here is some inspiration for you...  

Ps. Don't forget: Splash (and all our colors) is completely organic, non-toxic and safe for both you and baby.  Plus that beautiful thing we call mother-earth.  Breathe easy! ~Andi

Friday, March 16, 2012

birthday wishes...

Today is a special day!  It's Lisa's (lead designer for QHP and my spectacular mother) birthday! 
Please take a moment and join me in wishing her a happy one.  Happy Birthday, Mom! 
I hope this year brings you more happiness than you thought possible, more successes than you ever imagined, and of course adventure. 

Since today is Lisa's birthday, I thought it would be a good time to announce her next great adventure.  Lisa is the quite the seasoned traveler.  Recent trips have included places like Guatemala, Tanzania, France and countless beautiful spots in our own country.  Most of them involved some level of service work (or "real work").   I alluded to her next big trip on our recent post on her time in Mexico.  And now it is time to announce that Lisa is taking to the skies once again and crossing (many) borders.  Her destination: Thailand. 

Man, this is a trip of which I am jealous.  But I am happy to report that Quiet Home Paints will be accompanying her on her voyage.  The actual paints. Lisa is travelling with this organization to "build a school for a rescued community of young girls who wish to educate and be the change in the lives of the young people in a community" of "displaced Burmese refugees and distressed hill tribe people making efforts to survive prejudice, human trafficking, the sex trade and poverty." 
Check out this amazing video to give you an idea of what be the change is all about.


We are proud to be donating our paints to this effort.  Lisa will be assisting with the building of the school and also the painting of it with inspiring colors and murals to promote education and change.  

So, Happy Birthday Lisa.  Happy Birthday Mom!  Keep being amazing. 

ps.  today only, in celebration of Lisa's birthday, take 15% off any of our home packages.  Use code: HBDLISA

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Visit us at Fab.com--Bold Nurseries

Before we get started with bold nurseries (and believe me, they are BOLD), we wanted to remind you that we partnered with Fab.com to bring you our nursery collection at deeply discounted rates.  
Be sure to check it out.  We are offering the complete Quiet Nursery collection in gallons of shell finish.  We also hand selected some colors, including our whites to offer in satin finish for painted woodwork or furniture.  And!  We are offering some of our room kits as well to simplify the process even more. 

So today, it's all about being bold with color, and where better to do so than in the nursery? 
We love this black, yellow and white nursery from mamamekko.  It's full of fun and is sure to inspire the creativity in your little one.
try our bright white (whisper) with buzz and vintage tux

The boldness of this nursery comes from the graphic pattern painted on the wall.From The Real Housewives of Bucks County
Try boltperch and pout

Ah, turquoise.  This room is fresh and bright with its colorful walls and navy accents. 
Try splash and bolt

Love the drama of the black, flat wall. (from spearmint baby)  The shadow word art is wonderful! 
Vintage Tux with some jump for accents. 

And finally, a deep blue perfect for little one (from project nursery).  Love the brightness of the orange and green with this deep color. 
Try painting your walls with our deep blue: bolt.  Then paint some furniture or accent pieces with peep and jump


Ps.  As you know we are firm believers in only bringing the best quality products into our home.  This means products that are gentle on the earth, healthy for you and your family, mindful of packaging... the list goes on.  We are thrilled to be sharing the Kids Shop on Fab.com with some companies who share these same ideals.  
Check out The Little SeedBarley and Birch, and Green Buds (just to name a few!)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

dining in color...(from quiet home paints)

Today we are talking about dining rooms.
I don't have one.  I think the last time I had a dining room was when I was in college, and let's just say that while our dining room table got a lot of use, it wasn't for dinner parties (think red solo cups).  Since then, I've lived in small apartments without the luxury of a dining area.  When I host dinner parties, we all perch in the living room, plates balanced on our legs, wine resting on window sills and couch arms.  While there is a certain charm to this, I'm over it.  I'm ready for a dining room.  A place where my family and friends can gather around the table and enjoy a warm meal. 

A place like this one - light and airy.  And I love the idea of using runners along the outside of the table. 
For this look try our warm and bright whites:

Here is a casual, but beautiful room... The natural wood paired with bold patterns is a wonderful look. 
Try puff and whisper on the walls:

Ah, drama.  The stone table, the black glossy walls, the mismatched chairs...  
Try our color Vintage Tux on the walls in satin finish if you like the shine!

Here is a bright, happy area perfect for morning coffee and a newspaper.  
Try our color buzz to get the look! 

And finally...  these chairs. All painted different colors.  I love. 
Try painting your chairs!  For this look try:
pout, bee, pond, petal, splash

And I'll leave you with this, because while it isn't a dining room, I wouldn't mind eating my dinner here:


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

DIY: Painted Shades

We found this awesome idea on BHG and thought we would share..

This is something simple and easy that you can do at home to create custom shades from the ordinary roll-up shades we find stock in so many homes. 

And look at the result:

We love this idea.   

If you like this look and want to avoid adding toxins from typical paint to your space, try painting your roller shades with our organic paint in  pond and buzz:

BHG explains how to do it here, but it's really so simple.  Just unroll your shade and lay flat.  Then tape our your lines, careful to make them the same width for symmetry.  Then paint!  Just use a small foam roller to apply your color.  Remove your tape and Voila!  Let dry completely before rolling shade. 

Here are some other painted shade ideas we found on Pinterest! 


We love the painted clouds for a nursery space.  Found here.

Try Bolt and Whisper

And finally, feel free to customize the colors to fit your space! 

Try: Bee and Perch

Choose your colors here.  We suggest a quart in velvet finish - this will give your shades a durable but almost flat finish. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

paint 101

Today we wanted to talk a little about why we chose to build our line in the way that we did and how it affects you as a consumer.  I'll try not to bore you. 
Pictures help, right?  This little cutie pie is worth going green for. (picture by leighdameron)
When we first started talking about making Lisa's dream of her own paint line a reality we both knew it would be incredibly important to make the line as "green" as possible.  But what does that mean?  It's a term that is thrown around a lot and, especially when it comes to paint, can be rather confusing.  I gave a presentation at Northeastern a few months ago about the life of a start-up (they call it entrepreneurship, but that word makes me uneasy).  There I was, going on and on about what makes us different and why we wanted to offer organic paint, free of VOCs and I realized... they had no idea what any of it meant.  These kids were smart and engaged and passionate about new businesses. They knew I was using buzz words like "green" and "organic" and that was "good business", but no understanding of how it applied to paint. 
Paint is confusing.  Not only are there thousands upon thousands of colors for you to choose from, but various sheens and finishes.  And most importantly so many options when it comes to safety: low-VOC, VOC Free, Eco-friendly, Green, Organic, Water Based, etc.  What does it all mean? 
Well, we've tried to simplify the process for you in both color selection and sheen... so let's talk safety. 
Paint is made up of primarily three things:
  • colorants: pigments used to create a certain shade
  • binders: makes the color stick to the paint
  • solvents: keeps the paint in suspension until applied to the wall
It's those pesky solvents that cause most of the problems.  When paint is applied to the wall and begins the dry the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the solvents are emitted into the air.  This is called off-gassing and can last for years. YEARS. Not just the few days it takes for the paint smell to disappear, no, these toxins can still be present on your child's first day of school, his first t-ball game, her first ballet recital...  off-gassing continues to happen.  Scary, right?  
We thought so.  A recent investigation done by Good Morning America, found 300 toxins in a new nursery.  Three Hundred.  And guess how many were outside the house?  Two.  We need to be careful about what we are bringing into our homes.
So we aimed to offer a product that we could be proud of, that we could trust in our own homes and feel good about offering to you for your own... Our paint is without solvents completely, and what's more - there are no other toxins in the paint.  It is completely organic. 
Here is a little video that drives the point home.  We shared it on our facebook wall a few days ago, but if you missed it, it's worth watching. 

So why does this all matter to us?  Both Lisa and I strive to live a healthy life and be conscious about our mark on the world. We knew we wanted to create a line that was smart about packaging, consistent in it's message, and safe for both people and the earth.  But we learned so much on the way... and feel its our turn to spread the message.  
Do you still have questions?  Please feel free to email us at andi@quiethomepaints.com. 
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